Advertising support: Guide de la Construction 2016-2017

The Luxembourg reference for the construction sector

The new edition of the Guide de la Construction will come out in October 2016.

It will include addresses, reports, interviews and advice, being a real reference for the construction sector, serving individuals and companies alike.
It includes:

– A listing of companies with advertising space for classic ads.
– The magazine InConstruction, which will be an informative and entertaining part of the publication, with space reserved for advertorials.

20,000 copies published and distributed free of charge

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Advertising Department, Imprimerie Centrale: Rates brochure 2016

Our new advertising rates are now available!

We bring you a range of formats (reviews, magazines, special publications) which cover various fields and allow you to reach your communication goals.

We have introduced two new major items to complete our 2016 range:

The website, the ideal platform to reach an international target of travel and culture enthusiasts, and the new edition of the Construction Guide, the Luxembourg reference for those wishing to build or renovate, a quality publication to present a range of companies, products and services linked to this vast sector.

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Editions Imprimerie Centrale: “Luxembourg, from one war to another”, by Steve Kayser

“100 years ago, the First World War. 70 years ago, the Second World War.

And what about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in all this torment?

My aim is to answer this question in my book, in which I’ve brought together by thoughts on the history and memory of a decisive period in terms of the future of one of Europe’s smallest countries.”

Imprimerie Centrale is proud to have edited and done the layout of the historian Steve Kayser’s latest book.

The presentation of his book will take place on the 22nd of January at 11 am at the premises of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte “La Philanthropie”, located at 18, rue Léon Laval – L-3372, Leudelange.


Imprimerie Centrale: corporate gifts 2015/2016

The new year is just around the corner, it’s time to think about corporate gifts!

Imprimerie Centrale’s has a new desk blotter, don’t hesitate to order yours. Also, check out our ways of creating personalised gifts for you that your business partners and colleagues will love: calenders, diaries, gadgets…

Contact your Imprimerie Centrale salesperson to find the gift solutions that meet your specific needs.


Imprimerie Centrale Editions: “Wintertrip” by Roland Harsch

Imprimerie Centrale has edited and signed this graphic design of Roland Harsch’s illustrated collection of poems. “Wintertrip”.

“Wintertrip” is a parody in the broadest sense, a “counterpoint” to “Winterreise” by Wilhelm Müller/Franz Schubert. The 24 poems are included in their normal chronological order then rearranged by the author with maximum creative detachment. Each poem is accompanied by a photograph of Guy Mathey who illustrated them.

A unique, artistic experience; a must-read.


Imprimerie Centrale Editions: “Macumba” by Gaston Carré and Adriano Aquino

“Alloys and a mix of cultures, the swaying samba melodies form a contrast with obtuse piousness, the carnival glitter rains down on the procession routes. Brazil is a country full of paradoxes, yes, and many contrasts. ”

Escape to Brazil with the “Macumba” CD book. Discover this mysterious, fascinating country through Gaston Carré’s tale, Adriano Aquino’s photos and the music of the Fala Brasil Trio.

Design and edition by Imprimerie Centrale.


Two books competing at the “Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis” 2015

Imprimerie Centrale is back on the shortlist at the “Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis” literary prize with two children’s books : “Maximax” by Christiane Ehlinger and “Den Emil year Hoergänsen” by Fabienne Penny-Konen.

You can vote for your favorite books by following this link !


Design & packaging solutions: “Shared Space” board game for the municipality of Bertrange

Imprimerie Centrale continues to develop its packaging and design solutions to meet the needs of its customers with innovative products.

One of our most recent projects is a board game of public interest, created in joint effort with the municipal administration of Bertrange and consulting engineers Schroeder & Associés, with the purpose of explaining the newly opened “Shared Space”, a meeting area in the heart of Bertrange, to its inhabitants.

Game board, quiz cards, packaging, user manual, our multiple production possibilities and our design expertise come together to create an all-around product, completely fulfilling the project’s requirements.


Photography book: “Lëtzebuerg deng Landwirtschaft” (The Agriculture of Luxembourg)

Using the four seasons as a framework, the book is a tribute to all those who work the land. It depicts the diversity of a beautiful, deeply human, but also greatly fragile world.

Immerse yourself in authentic Luxembourg through 72 portraits of farmers, stockbreeders, beekeepers, wine producers and market gardeners, as well as stunning landscapes from all over the country.

To order, please transfer € 55 to the bank account below and once completed, send your address.

Christian Schaack
IBAN CCPL: LU05 1111 0919 4283 000


Imprimerie Centrale: “Top Portes Ouvertes” open day

In late September, Imprimerie Centrale opened its doors to visitors for the 10th edition of the “Top Portes Ouvertes” event.

Many turned out for the event, some of them families wishing to discover an intriguing new world, others professionals curious to see what the facilities of one of the major players in the Greater Region’s print industry look like. After a fully guided tour, our guests were able to wind down and have a bite to eat in our relaxation area set up for the occasion.

If you would also like to discover our premises, our production facilities or our customer solutions, please get in touch with our sales team to arrange a visit by calling 48 00 22 1 or by sending us an email to


Imprimerie Centrale is recruiting!

With its new production capacities, its increasingly diverse offer and the implementation of new technologies, Imprimerie Centrale needs new blood to support the changes in its services.

If you have the right profile and would like to work for a major player in the printing business in the Greater Region, don’t hesitate to apply!

Discover the jobs offered on our jobs page


New Product : Packaging Solutions

The Imprimerie Centrale provides new production possibilities, and provides you with folding and gluing solutions to create all sorts of packaging for your products.

Packaging boxes, folders, leaflets, self-mailers, envelopes, we give you the freedom to design completely customised packaging in a quick and flexible way.

Would you like further details about our packaging solutions?

Download our data sheet.

To find tailored solutions for your packaging needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Imprimerie Centrale sales advisor. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our production workshop.


Welcome to our New Website!

The Imprimerie Centrale website gets a makeover!

In using this new configuration built on a modern web architecture, we aimed to create a more dynamic environment that is simpler to navigate and better showcases the services we offer.

Please explore the new site.

Enjoy your visit.

Your Imprimerie Centrale team


Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015

Imprimerie Centrale sent a delegation to the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015 trade show in Lucerne, Switzerland. The goal is to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the printing industry, from production processes to finishing techniques.

Hunkeler Innovationdays is one of the most important events in the printing field, and every year it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Eighty exhibitors unveil their new technologies at the show, which is often the stage of their world debut.


New Product: Stapled Flat Back

Stapled Flat Back is a new binding technique offered by Imprimerie Centrale. The technique can staple an amount that is up to twice as thick as what can be stapled with a standard saddle stitch; as a result, the production process for a high volume of documents is simplified.

  • Allows for the placement of stitching in books containing 208 pages of 80 g/m2
  • An excellent and cost-effective alternative to glued flat back.
  • Stitching is perfectly centered and a back line can be added to the stapled document.
  • Finished product is durable and comfortable to read.


New Advertising Formats

Imprimerie Centrale is introducing new formats and advertising options for publications whose ad sales it is handling.

In addition to the formats on the page, it is now possible to produce original creations such as removable inserts whose imagery and shape can be customized.

Contact our Advertising Department to discuss customized solutions



Redesign: D’Handwierk

The Chambre des Métiers and Fédération des Artisans newsletter, printed in 8,500 copies, is revamped.

Imprimerie Centrale, which is responsible for the production and ad sales of the publication, carried out this overhaul. With a new design, new format and new distribution approach, the goal is to make the publication more modern and readable, in the spirit of a magazine.

Check out D’Handwierk and our other publications


New Product: Inkjet on Envelopes

To bolster its fleet of machines that are dedicated to mailings, Imprimerie Centrale is now equipped with a new Inkjet technology for flexible, high-quality printing on envelopes.

It has many assets.

  • Many options for the imagery: illustration, logo or promotional message depending on the different needs on each envelope.
  • Four-color printing and addressing in a single pass.
  • Capacity of 7,500 units per hour.
  • Small print runs at competitive prices.
  • Easy updating of documents.
  • Printing on windowed envelopes without warping the plastic.
  • Ability to print on the entire back surface of the envelopes.


Guide de la Construction 2014/2015

The Fédération des Artisans (FDA) turned to Imprimerie Centrale to design and produce its Guide de la Construction 2014/2015.

The Guide de la Construction, which has been reprinted in 14 editions, has become an indispensable resource in Luxembourg’s construction field.

In addition to providing contact information for all FDA member companies that work in the industry, the guide contains stories and testimonials by contractors as well as interviews with experts who are acquainted with the challenges of construction.

Imprimerie Centrale was in charge of selling ads, designing, writing text, conducting interviews, photographing, and producing and delivering the 20,000 copies.