Our Publishing department is able to provide you with all the services of a communication agency. Our printing expertise allows us to provide you with advantages in terms of production prices and quality.

Concept, contents, design, 3D, advertising space management: we are proficient in all areas of information dissemination.
Want to launch an ad campaign? We can provide you with an efficient media plan. Does your plan include gifts to give away? We will manufacture them for you.

We have a solution for all your communication needs.


Our team has all the necessary skills to turn your vision into reality: an art director, graphic and layout designers, scanner operators, photographers, copywriters, proof-readers, flashing specialists, color management experts, etc.

Inspiration and implementation

In depth analysis of the customer’s request, of the type of message and the desired impact (inspiration), assessment of the necessary steps to be taken (ideation) and presentation of a first draft (implementation) are the first three steps in our creative process.

From the very outset

Our products are designed to be displayed on all platforms. The requirements of digital broadcasting (web, mobile) are taken into account even when working on a printed document. Our products are also designed to be translation friendly.


European and international institutions place their trust in our know-how to translate their values into a visual concept and regularly entrust us with the design of their documents. We take part in the creation of communication media for a wide range of customers in the areas of industry and commerce.

” An all-around communication service “


XML Production


XML document structuring gives your contents the advantage of being easily exchangeable between platforms. Whatever the format of your input document (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Tiff, paper), we will structure it in XML and then apply an XSL style sheet to it in order to enable automatic layouts.


There are several advantages associated with processing multilingual and recurring products like legislative texts or instruction manuals with XML technology. It primarily allows for very quick updates while preserving the integrity of the text.


XML based technologies guarantee the accuracy of information in different languages and accommodate the demands of multiple-platform data exchange. Moreover, XML layouts are automatic and synoptic.

Linguistic proficiency

  • Multilingualism

    The history of Imprimerie Centrale is closely linked to that of the European institutions. Originally, IC worked in the 4 official languages of the European Union. We adapted as the European Union expanded and as we were awarded contracts from the United Nations, now handling more than 30 languages on a daily basis.
  • Proofreading

    We provide proofreading, copy-editing, synoptic verification and translation services. Upon request, we also offer copywriting services in the language of your choice.
  • Know-how

    Working with 30 different languages on a daily basis requires the mastery of 4 different alphabets (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Arab), of ideograms (Japanese and Chinese, among others) and of 3 different writing directions, as well as the corresponding imposition techniques.
  • Native speakers

    All of the projects we handle are carried out and checked by native speakers. We have established a network of excellent proofreaders, translators and freelance copywriters with whom we regularly work.