Data Management

Our team of consultants and developers assist you in making your multichannel document flows more cost-efficient.

We act as a task force dedicated to your company, assisting you with specific missions in order to help you keep your applications up-to-date and to process your data more efficiently.

” We help you make your data flow more efficient “

Our Customers

Financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare service providers and telephone companies regularly rely on our services.


We provide our customers with the ability to aggregate data from various sources into a single production stage in order to make document creation more simple.


Standardization ensures the systematic regulatory compliance of all documents.

Cutting edge

Our constantly evolving solutions enable our customers to remain at the very cutting edge of the mobile communications revolution.

Managed Print Services

Thanks to our Managed Print Service (outsourcing), our consultants help you organize your digital and print documents, cut your costs, streamline your processes and print less and more efficiently.

Our solutions:

  • Auditing of printing architectures in each department.
  • Implementation of improved printing, copy and scanning services using more efficient multifunction printing machines.
  • Centralized print and production services overseen by Imprimerie Centrale.
  • Print and production technologies offering you more creative freedom.




Desktop Publishing and Marketing Production Platform

  • Native multi-channel features

    Our DTP platform is designed to handle multichannel contents. Smartphone, e-mail, social media, web, paper… your content can have a layout applied to it instantly and be exported right away in line with your preferences. All these features are taken into account at the start of the development process. A content originally intended for print can easily be converted to html5 and displayed on a smartphone, without any need for further development.
  • Migrating and integrating content

    Most current software has long development histories and is very time and resource consuming. Our flexible architecture enables you to update your software with new features such as color codes and variable elements, as well as add new broadcasting channels without having to make new document models.
  • Multiple input formats

    Data may come from different sources and systems. CRM, ERP, SAP, ECM, web-based XML, mainframe, flat, etc. Our platform gathers all data and completes or merges them. We can connect to your system directly or through an intermediary of your choice.
  • Structured (batch), interactive, on-demand communications

    The Imprimerie Centrale's platform is designed to manage customer communications in different production environments, enabling companies to generate structured, interactive and/or on demand communications. Imprimerie Centrale can provide your business with a unique platform to handle the communications of the entire company.
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance

    Imprimerie Centrale makes every effort to comply with your business rules and your company policy by continuously monitoring key performance indicators agreed upon in the service-level agreement.
  • Automated document factory (ADF)

    We provide “document factory” integrated features to manage and control all of your communication processes, ensuring compliance with quality standards and giving you the ability to correct defects in real time.