Imprimerie Centrale is a leading player in the printing sector of the Greater Region of Luxembourg. We draw on 50 years of company experience and a team of accomplished specialists to provide solutions to our customers.

We are experts in offset and digital printing and offer all types of paper finishes. We also provide a range of creative packaging solutions because we believe the first contact one has with a product is decisive.

Offset printing

Offset printing enables us to meet the requirements of customers who need products printed in large runs: newspapers, business reports, advertising material, etc. Our fleet of offset printing machines is among the largest and most up to date in Luxembourg’s Greater Region.

Digital printing

The quality level of digital printing is now on par with that of offset printing. This allows us to produce small quantities at competitive prices without jeopardizing quality. We also guarantee the speedy processing of orders and deliveries.

On demand

It is now possible to start printing in small quantities and then increase production output gradually, along with any content updates, depending on the customer’s needs. This flexibility also enables us to address the issue of storage space.


Our printing team includes over 100 qualified printer operators, bookbinders and flashing specialists. Our quality control procedure starts at the very beginning of each printing job and includes visual checks, automated checks and regular sampling in order to guarantee optimal results.


  • A product’s packaging is a communication tool in itself. Its appearance can attract a customer and can be the clinching factor when deciding to buy it.
  • We offer all kinds of packaging options and accessories: boxes, stands, advertising gadgets, cards, CD booklets, flat models, 3D models, moving models, etc. The possibilities to give your product added value are truly extensive.
  • Choose the shape, size, colors and position of the logo for your product’s packaging. We will take care of the design and printing aspects, creating an efficient and attractive flat or 3D packaging for your product.

” Our fleet of printing machines is among the largest and most up to date in Luxembourg’s Greater Region “


Color Management

Our color management expertise ensures that a human face doesn’t appear orange and that a cherry doesn’t look pink, colors remaining stable through to the very last page printed.

The ISO 12647-2 standard ensures maximum chromatic quality. We optimize PDF files depending on the specific profile of each machine and printing paper.

The colorimetric values of each product are recorded and stored. When reprinting, this data is used in order to ensure that the colors being reprinted are identical to the ones used for the original product.


Folding and binding, finishing

  • Roll folds, letter folds, accordion folds, gate folds with up to 4 panels, creasing, perfect binding, saddle-stitching, spiral binding (Wire-O), traditional linen thread bookbinding, etc.
  • Different finishing options are available to make an item more intriguing and attractive. Embossing will add depth, whereas gilding (gold, silver or bronze) will make your product a real eye catcher. We also offer every type of paper coating.

Worldwide logistics

Deliveries to all major destinations within the European Union take place daily, and shipments are sent outside of the European Union on a regular basis. We also offer delivery to sensitive areas for specific customers such as the United Nations.