Direct Marketing

Financial documents can be combined with direct marketing. These added elements can be targeted depending on the recipient of the document and are visible alongside information on bills, account statements or insurance company documents.

White Space Management
Because financial documents vary in length, there are often “white spaces” that remain empty. The White Space Management technique makes it possible to turn these blank spaces into an opportunity by inserting a message that is tailored to the profile of the intended recipient of the document.

Self Mailer
The Self Mailer is a single document that functions both as a letter and as an envelope. This enables you to cut shipping costs substantially, making it especially useful for mass mailing campaigns.

The efficiency of any promotional material can be increased by customizing it to match its target.
This can either be achieved with a simple label (which can also contain messages), or by using customizable spaces on flyers, brochures, catalogs and other media.