Imprimerie Centrale obtained the PSF (Financial Sector Professional) agreement in 2004 as a customer communications service provider. This agreement enables us to prepare, produce and send out confidential documents, mainly within the area of finance.


There is a growing trend in which banks subcontract activities that are not part of their core business. Customer communications service providers carry out these activities under the same conditions as if they were being handled internally.

Secure Access

PSF production facilities are highly secure. Authentication is required in order to enter the premises and two levels of protection are active at all times. Physical and digital intrusion tests take place each year as part of audits carried out by international consultancy companies.


Staff members assigned to the PSF department must have an impeccable background. An extract from the judicial record must be provided on an annual basis and they must sign a confidentiality agreement with Imprimerie Centrale as well as with each new customer.